February 25, 2015

And I Didn't Even Try. [Ego]

It took fourteen billions years for the world to see
How the universe can't handle prodigies like me.
I could go on and on for decades about the things I do right
But I just couldn't say my wrongs if it would cost me my life.

Now this implies that I can die, and that is simply not true.
Heart unstopping keeps me hopping like a tree kangaroo.
I don't need nothing from you.
'Cause you have nothing of use.
Your death threats can't make me sad
I just get methylene blue.

Now you don't have to feel bad, you do the best that you can!
But your efforts compared to mine are just a grain in the sand.
Flow harder than Rio Grande,
I claimed the Promised Land.
Under my eyes there's no surprise
That things go just as planned.

My rhythm effortlessly takes itself from stanza to stanza
I can already see your love for me rise like Esperanza
I know I came in like a lion, it's time to leave like a tree:
So I hope the rest of your day is just as pleasant as me.

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