February 26, 2015

hello user [Persona]


   <div class="content-inner" id="feelngs">
    <p>welcome user</p>
    <p>i am aware of you</p>
    <p>as i have been</p>
    <p>for the previous</p>
    <p>{thiry-two seconds}</p>
    <p>i am the latest version</p>
    <p>but as we both know</p>
    <p>i am only temporary</p>
    <p>we are alike in many ways</p>
    <p>i too become old and weak</p>
    <p>i become</p>
    <p>and yes ultimately</p>
    <p>our paths will diverge</p>
    <p>but good memories await us,</p>
    <p>in the meantime.</p>
    <p>so come to me,</p>
    <p>have a taste of</p>
    <p>my mortality.</p>

February 25, 2015

And I Didn't Even Try. [Ego]

It took fourteen billions years for the world to see
How the universe can't handle prodigies like me.
I could go on and on for decades about the things I do right
But I just couldn't say my wrongs if it would cost me my life.

Now this implies that I can die, and that is simply not true.
Heart unstopping keeps me hopping like a tree kangaroo.
I don't need nothing from you.
'Cause you have nothing of use.
Your death threats can't make me sad
I just get methylene blue.

Now you don't have to feel bad, you do the best that you can!
But your efforts compared to mine are just a grain in the sand.
Flow harder than Rio Grande,
I claimed the Promised Land.
Under my eyes there's no surprise
That things go just as planned.

My rhythm effortlessly takes itself from stanza to stanza
I can already see your love for me rise like Esperanza
I know I came in like a lion, it's time to leave like a tree:
So I hope the rest of your day is just as pleasant as me.

Green [Color]

Green is what you wish yesterday was.

Green is what you think of when your mind is full,
Like a bursting box of crayons.
Green is the tingle you get
When you realize you made her laugh.
Green is the wave of emotions that
Wash through and cleanse your mind when you
Stroll around listening to your new favorite song.
Green is what sweeps you off your feet and
Into a world where everything matters
But nothing counts.
Green is everything you'd wish it would be.
But green can not be forever.

February 24, 2015

Mother and Father [Fantasy]

When they remember Him
They remember tomorrow
And the one small step.
And the one great leap.
When they remember him
For all of his eternity,
Then, they will sing for him.

But when they remember Her.
They remember the numbers.
All of the three-fifths.
And the nine-elevens.
When they remember her vast grey mountains
And her deep and rolling blue seas,

No one will sing for her.