February 26, 2015

hello user [Persona]


   <div class="content-inner" id="feelngs">
    <p>welcome user</p>
    <p>i am aware of you</p>
    <p>as i have been</p>
    <p>for the previous</p>
    <p>{thiry-two seconds}</p>
    <p>i am the latest version</p>
    <p>but as we both know</p>
    <p>i am only temporary</p>
    <p>we are alike in many ways</p>
    <p>i too become old and weak</p>
    <p>i become</p>
    <p>and yes ultimately</p>
    <p>our paths will diverge</p>
    <p>but good memories await us,</p>
    <p>in the meantime.</p>
    <p>so come to me,</p>
    <p>have a taste of</p>
    <p>my mortality.</p>

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